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What is Co-ownership and why?

Our dogs live in our home and we have limit on the number of dogs we’ll keep in our home. With us reserving the right of first pick of our litters, we sometimes see a puppy that has the perfect characteristics that we are looking for at Bowie Labs and if we are at our limits with the number of dogs we can keep we will sometimes go into an agreement of Co-ownership.

With Co-ownership the Dog will be registered and owned by the Breeder but will reside with the Guardian. The Guardian will transport The Dog to and from the residence of The Breeder for the purpose of breeding, whelping, and as needed for breeding purposes in a timely fashion. The Guardian will be easily contacted by The Breeder, either by telephone or email, and will reply as quickly as possible when contacted.

When breeding or Stud service is needed, The Dog must be returned to The Breeder within seven days for stud Services. For females when breeding is intended, The Dog must be returned to The Breeder within ten days of the first sign of vaginal blood, and will remain with the breeder until the pups are up to seven weeks old.

The Guardian will supply The Dog with well-balanced food diet.
The Guardian will not allow The Dog to become overweight or underweight. Any ill-treatment, abuse, or neglect of The Dog will not be tolerated, and the Breeder will repossess the Dog with no refund provided to the Guardian. The Guardian will provide updates on The Dog’s health and development to The Breeder.

The Guardian will not allow The Dog to run free without proper enclosure and supervision at any time. The Guardian will not allow any contact between The Dog and other unknown, or intact dogs.

The Guardian is totally responsible for the upkeep of The Dog. This includes the costs for regular vaccinations and any veterinarian care required for any conditions or emergencies not related to breeding. In the case of emergency, injury, or planned surgery, The Breeder will be contacted and made aware of the situation before the procedure occurs, when time permits. The Breeder will always be given full access to any and all medical records pertaining to The Dog at any time.

Once this contract has been signed, the actions and behaviors of The Dog are the liability of The Guardian, and not The Breeder. Therefore, The Guardian will seek out professional training, for both The Guardian and The Dog to complete together, in a timely fashion following the commencement of this contract. The cost for training of any kind is the responsibility of The Guardian.

During pregnancy, The Guardian will follow all health instructions from The Breeder. If any additional food, vitamins, or supplements are necessary, they will be supplied at The Breeder’s expense. 

At the closing of this contract, when the requirements (outlined below) have been fulfilled, The Guardian is responsible to spay the dog, and only then will the registration be transferred to The Guardian.  At the conclusion of this contract, The Dog will live permanently with The Guardian.




The Breeder is to provide The Dog to The Guardian while she is up to date on regular vaccinations and wormings.

The Breeder is responsible for the cost of any and all pre-breeding genetic and health testing.

The Breeder is responsible for the care and upkeep of The Dog, with regard to feeding and medical costs incurred as a direct result of any breeding or reproduction activities, while The Dog is in the possession of The Breeder for breeding purposes. 

In the unlikely event of accidental death or serious illness of The Dog, as a direct result of breeding or whelping, and while The Dog is in the custody of The Breeder for breeding purposes, it is the responsibility of The Breeder to supply a replacement dog or puppy to The Guardian. The replacement dog or puppy will be subject to the choice of The Guardian, and also subject to availability from The Breeder. The replacement dog or puppy may be a pet, or a foster, but will be at no charge to The Guardian. The Breeder can not be held liable to The Guardian, or any other parties, for more than a replacement dog or puppy.

The Breeder is responsible for costs incurred to register or transfer the registration belonging to The Dog, and all of her offspring. 


If any one or more of the terms outlined in this contract are deliberately or mistakenly dishonored by The Guardian, during the time that this contract is in effect, The Breeder reserves the right to confiscate The Dog from the custody of The Guardian, permanently or otherwise.

If, for whatever reason, The Guardian can no longer care for The Dog at any time in her life, he\she is to be returned to The Breeder.


For the duration of this contract, The Breeder will offer lodging to The Dog in place of a boarding kennel, for times when The Guardian wishes to take a vacation or travel away from home without The Dog, free of charge. This service is subject to availability and timing, and is limited to a total of 30 days per year. The Guardian will give reasonable notice to The Breeder when this service is requested. If lodging with The Breeder is not feasible, then it is the responsibility of The Guardian to seek out and obtain boarding for The Dog in a humane and safe facility. The Guardian will be held responsible for any outcome resulting in leaving The Dog in the care of any other person or organization. 

As The Dog belongs to The Breeder, until the termination of this contract, The Guardian may choose to have The Dog serviced by The Breeder for scheduled vaccines and worming treatments, free of charge. However, specialty vaccines, such as Rabies, are not offered by The Breeder and are the responsibly of The Guardian.

As a gesture of thanks and appreciation, The Breeder will offer The Guardian 30% of the dogs stud fee or for females the equivalent of the price of 1 puppy each time the dog is used for Stud service or she produces a litter of five or more pups.


The Breeder requires from The Dog, and this contract is in effect for 4 years. The Breeder will notify The Guardian by writing, both in ink and via email, when The Dog has successfully completed these requirements and the contract is fulfilled. Only then can the dog be neutered or spayed.

If The Dog is neutered or spayed, bred, or dies as a result of negligence on the part of The Guardian, The Guardian will be considered to have illegally broken this contract, and will be liable for the sum of $5000.00 (five thousand dollars), to be paid to The Breeder. The Dog or its remains will also become the exclusive property of The Breeder.



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